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Gifts For 1 Year Old Baby Girl

Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Girl | Baby one years old is entertaining. Start learning to walk up and say a few mother tongues. With a variety of adorable behavior will certainly make parents more favored. Usually, she would walk with a limping because not running correctly.

At the age of 1 year, she will experience a variety of new experiences of his life. She started joking around and can play together. One of the most highly anticipated is the cheerfulness of expression playing with her favorite toys.

As a parent who is in love with his baby will certainly give you a variety of the toy that can support the growth and development of her baby. Happiness and the joy will be a top priority.

What a gift that is suitable for children aged 1 year? Following this review.

  1. Stand Learning Walker



The advantage of Stand Learning Walker to train a baby girl walking correctly. You can set the speed of the wheels that are on this tool. To add to the atmosphere becomes more attractive, you can teach the little one to play music with piano keys goals can enhance children’s creativity. Assorted colors and toy contained in this object can improve children’s motor skills, so she can learn while playing with more generous and fun.

2. Learn Puppy, Laugh and Friends Learning

The age of one year is the children have started to learn everything. With a high sense of curiosity, she would try anything that attracts attention.

When your child at this time, it’s his intelligence began using the education toy stimulated. One of the great toy is a Puppy Learn, Laugh, and Friends Learning by Fisher-Price.


The toy features an assortment of colored pictures, melodies, as well as piano keys with the beautiful color. Its sense of child growth, so that visual and motoric wit sharpened correctly.

3. Sharing Picnic and Shape by Leap Frog

Girls will usually look active when getting a toy like a picnic basket. His instincts will come out while playing with tools like this.

Moreover, the colors and the packaging look very attractive. A little girl can learn to get to know many picnic stuff with more interesting. In one basket there are some types of food and tableware such as plates, cups, and a fork.

With this toy also will exercise fine motor development. Children will learn by eye and hand coordination, as well as learning the language skills.

You can more easily teach your baby girl with a toy that highly recommended.

4. Whisper Ride Buggy by Step 2

Together with streets, little girl sees the atmosphere of the park or just around the House certainly fun. For your convenience a traveling along the little one we recommend that you use the Whisper Ride Buggy. A small car with a driving force behind him will greatly simplify your garden atmosphere with more relaxed.

This toy has great and quiet wheels. So you’re more likely to encourage without fear. Other advantages of IE will add to the skills of the child. Steering wheel in buggy will teach children to practice the skills of motoric.

That’s some toy that can be used as a reference for your baby girl give a gift with retaining the functionality and benefits to the growth of the little one. May be useful.

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